We all wish our little ones would just stay little forever but have to face the harsh reality that they’re constantly growing. This means that they outgrow their clothes and toys just as fast. 90% of toys targeted towards babies and toddlers are made out of plastic and have an average lifetime of 6 months. EcoBirdy recycles these plastic toys to create children’s furniture. This innovative solution to reduce the amount of plastic thrown out educates children about their duty to help the planet.

An installation created by ecoBirdy. A sea of plastic waste meant to showcase how harmful it is to the environment.
ecoBirdy’s mission is to reduce plastic waste and promote eco-friendly living.

The products range from chairs to tables to animal-shaped lamps. The mid century era is characterized by its use of new materials in furniture. These ecoBirdy products are all made of ecothylene, a new material made of 100% recycled plastic. You can see little speckles on the products that remind kids of how their old toys helped make new furniture. These items can easily fit into a mid century home because of their simple design and curved shapes. Another benefit of these chairs and tables is that they don’t have any sharp corners and have a smooth surface. That means you can worry a little less and that cleanup is extremely easy. EcoBirdy products create something useful out of something useless.

EcoBirdy also created a school program and storybook to help educate kids about sustainable living.