Painting is a lot of work. Thanks to our friends at Domino, we’ve got all the insider tips on how to paint like a pro!

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How to paint Atomic Ranch Midcentury Modern
By Allison Corona

6. Painting Dirty Walls

A good wipe down is essential. Get the full how-to here.

7. Forgetting Primer

“The primer will seal the substrate (walls, wood trim, etc.) for optimal paint performance,” says Mike Mundwiller, Field Integration manager at Benjamin Moore. “Another important point to remember is spending the time to prepare your walls and trim properly. By fixing small imperfections and using spackle to smooth out questionable surfaces, the color will look that much better and you will be that much happier with the end result.”

8. Skimping or Overloading Your Roller

Rollers are handy—they cut down on time spent painting and help keep application smooth. They can also tempt us to do a few extra dunks or really stretch things out. Avoid the temptation and go for consistent, even coats.

9. Rolling the Wrong Direction 

The best coverage comes when you paint in a “W” pattern. “When starting a new wall or room, roll your paint onto the wall in a ‘W’ shape. Then, fill in around and inside the ‘W’ to create a square and repeat, loading your roller with more paint, until the wall is covered. Each ‘W’ should be about an arm’s length, with strokes 12″ or longer. This method will give the wall a clean, even and professional-quality finish,” Jessica says.

10. Not Trusting Your Gut

There are some home projects better left to the pros. If you’re not feeling confident, are in a rush or just don’t want to risk a DIY disaster, trust your gut.


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