“This panel will be friendly, engaging, informative and fun,” Sarah Jane explains. “Restoring a midcentury home is hard work, so my goal with this panel is to send our attendees away feeling encouraged and inspired.”

Atomic Ranch is excited to announce that we will be at Modernism Week 2017…and this time, you can join us!

A Panel for Mid Mod Preservationists

For the very first time, we will be presenting a Modernism Week panel on preservation and restoration of Midcentury Modern homes hosted and moderated by none other than Atomic Ranch editor Sarah Jane Stone. From tackling common problems for midcentury homeowners to identifying red flags for those hunting for their next ranch, Sarah Jane and our panelists will provide mid mod enthusiasts with the information they need to enjoy and maintain their modernist design and architecture. “I keep thinking of our panel as ‘AR: Live!'” she says. “It is an incredible opportunity to glean insight and information about renovating and restoring mid mod masterpieces. The setting will be like listening in on friends chatting about their creative passion. For an MCM enthusiast in the throes of restoring or trying to plan their renovation, what could be better than that?”

Once the discussion is over, attendees can take a tour of three successfully renovated local midcentury homes, where they will discover rescued features, treasured details and meet the homeowners and contractors that brought these homes back to life.

As the trusted resource for Midcentury Modern, Atomic Ranch aims to give you the beautiful homes you love as well as the resources to make your own MCM dream possible. At Modernism Week, Sarah Jane and our panelists are ready to take it to the next level, for pros or novices alike. “This panel will be friendly, engaging, informative and fun,” Sarah Jane explains. “Restoring a midcentury home is hard work, so my goal with this panel is to send our attendees away feeling encouraged and inspired. We’re stripping away the stress and focusing on practical solutions to common woes. Each attendee will walk out with great ideas from our experts plus a packet full of resources and worksheets to help check off to dos and create a realistic budget.”

Modernism Week is a celebration of all things midcentury and modernist, and there’s no better way to pay tribute to the ’50s and ’60s by providing enthusiasts with the information they need to preserve the architecture and design from the era. Needless to say, it’s no surprise that the one thing that Sarah Jane looks forward to most about our panel may not come until much, much later: “Personally, I’m excited to get emails from panel attendees with their successful ‘after’ photos!”

Meet Our Panelists

Howard Hawkes and Kevin Kemper, owners of Palm Springs-based H3K Design, are experts in design consultation and project management for residential remodeling and renovation.

Steven Shields, owner of custom building and remodeling company Shields Residential, draws upon his experience in restoring homes by William Cody, Donald Wexler, A. Quincy Jones and Alexander/Krisel, as well as his involvement in bringing five new Joseph Eichler homes to life.

The Home Tours

Pieterhaus — Featured in Atomic Ranch in 2013, this Hugh Kaptur home was carefully renovated to preserve its original charm while still adding modern touches. The unique fireplace is certainly a must-see.

Meiselmania — The homeowners rescued this worn-down 1960 Jack Meiselman home—tackling the roof, windows, utilities, insulation and adding clerestory windows, terrazzo tile and a collection of vintage furnishings.

Mod Master — With many original details already lost, this homeowner faced the challenge of bringing the midcentury back. Carefully selected finishes, bright colors and MCM-inspired furnishings resurrected this 1956 gem.

Join Us at Modernism Week

When: February 19 and February 20, 2017
Where: CAMP, Palm Springs, California

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets for the panel, tours or both, visit the official Modernism Week website today.