Restoring or Renovating Your Midcentury Modern Home, Feb. 19 and 20, is an official Modernism Week event by Atomic Ranch and featuring H3K Design and Shields Residential.

Palm Springs Modernism Week 2017 is only a week away, and that means our panel, Restoring or Renovating Your Midcentury Modern Home, is right around the corner. On Feb. 19 and 20, editor Sarah Jane Stone will be moderating a discussion between three featured panelists who know the ins and outs of refreshing and preserving the charm and character of midcentury ranches. Two such panelists are Howard Hawkes and Kevin Kemper of H3K Design, and combining them with Atomic Ranch is a match made in Palm Springs.

“H3K is a perfect fit because not only do we have the passion, but we have the experience renovating midcentury homes,” Kemper says. “Our business was created out of our own personal journey and appreciation of midcentury homes and the desire to bring them back to life.”

H3K Design Capistrano House
From curb appeal tips to reviving your ranch’s interior, the duo at H3K Design are excited to bring their experience to the Atomic Ranch seminar at Modernism Week. Photo courtesy of H3K Design.

When it comes to renovating a home, Kemper and Hawkes love extreme transformations, even if it means there’s a whole lot of work ahead of them. “Our favorite type of renovation is when we start with a catastrophic mess and see it through the process—from layout changes, to finishes, to the furnishings and landscaping.  Everything basically from A to Z,” Kemper says. “Many MCM homes have been transformed over the years—and not necessarily in a good way. Taking a house back to its roots is very enjoyable.”

H3K Design Camino Real
Great midcentury decor is an essential, but restoring your home’s bones ensures that the blank canvas is comfortable and perfect to show off your pieces. Photo courtesy of H3K Design.

With sentiments echoing those fans of Atomic Ranch are all too familiar with, Kemper and Hawkes are a powerful duo when it comes to the midcentury scene. With years of renovation projects and design appreciation between them, they aim to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Modernism Week event.

“We look forward to speaking about topics that will help potential or current homeowners navigate the renovation process especially with regards to priorities, materials, schedule and budget,” Hawkes says. “Midcentury Modern and vintage homes are a different breed of renovating and require special attention. It’s a fine line between renovating for today’s needs and still preserving the elements of the past which make it special.”

The duo from H3K Design may be the ones up on stage, but to them, it’s all about homeowners and house hunters in the audience and equipping them with practical information for how to get the perfect home. “If a person can just learn one useful piece of information that they can use as a tool to achieve their dream, then the attendance was worthwhile,” Kemper says.


Join Atomic Ranch and H3K Design at Modernism Week 2017!

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