First things first, what does Scandinavian design even mean? Scandinavia refers to not just one country, but a collection of northern Europe countries like Finland and Iceland to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. These similar yet notably distinct Scandinavian styles impacted nearly every aspect of mid mod design since the mid-1950’s.


Courtesy of Desire to Inspire


The harsh climates of Scandinavia, particularly in the winters, had long influenced Scandinavian designs to prize utility far above decoration. Naturally, simplicity came to follow. However, the world of design reinvented itself post-WWII, wanting to combine functionality with beauty. While Scandinavian design has always been simple, functional, and beautiful, it wasn’t until this post-WWII design revolution did it gain influence.


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Overall, the lines the cross between Scandinavian design and Mid Century Modern have woven together to create what we know today. Places like IKEA, started by prolific Swedish designer Ingvar Kamprad, hold both Scandinavian and mid mod pieces side-by-side, the styles still mixing in new ways even today.


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