colorful furnishings and tribal patterns
The colorful furniture and white accents bring together this open room by creating a close and cozy space that still allows the room to gather all of the natural light without putting too much space between the furniture.

Open rooms never go out of style. However, a big open space can be a lot to take on. For the modern decorator, simple furniture and some color can keep your room looking clean and open while also providing an intimate vibe.


Vaulted ceilings, big windows and an open-concept floor plan make for a very large room to fill. Using bright, bold colors is a great way to fill a room without piling on the furniture. When walking into this room, the eyes are instantly drawn to the brightly colored couches. The two green couches have simple color and texture that make it easier to match them with other patterns in the room. Placing these couches up against the white wall and rug keeps the room open and clean but also provides a cozier and intimate vibe. Midcentury Modern style is all about using classic era colors, but incorporating white or light colors into your home is equally essential. White really separates those colors to make each vibrant piece stand out on its own, so keeping your walls white or even putting down a white rug can open up even the smallest of rooms.

The devil is in the simple details in this room. The key to keeping this room’s open feel is not getting carried away with little trinkets and table toppers.

Pattern + Texture

Too many patterns can either make or break a room. In this case, the architecture of the house provides a lot of texture to the room. With the beams on the ceiling and the white brick walls, there isn’t a big need for too many additional patterns. The simple chevron pillows and tribal-style blanket add a perfect amount of pattern without overpowering what’s already been provided by the structure of the home. When thinking about bringing different types of patterns into your home, take a look at the structure and interior architectural details and see what kind of patterns are already being provided.


The lighting in this room is very subtle, but it really brings all the furniture together. This home is already bringing in a lot of natural light, but it is still important to have a basic artificial lighting source. The giant drum pendant light is perfect for this open room. When you have a lot of ceiling space, especially with vaulted ceilings, it is a good idea to add a pendant that can fill up some of that space. Most of the furniture in the room is very square with crisp edges, but roundness of the pendant light in this space adds a new shape to the mix and gives this room a much softer appeal.

Simple Furnishings

The key to a clean look is in the furniture. Apart from the green couches, the tables and chairs are of similar colors and shapes. This allows the rest of the color in the room to really stand out and not feel cluttered. It is easy to get carried away with vintage trinkets and little details, but for a room like this one, simplicity is key. A few vintage books, small plants and an art piece are just enough. Keep your guests focused on your big colorful statement pieces.