From a sputnik chandelier to the neutral tones of the Eames plastic dining chairs, this room is atomic style all grown up. Photo by Landon Wiggs.

For those of you who like to keep your dining room space a bit more sophisticated and less kitschy, there are plenty of ways to achieve this look. Rather than going for retro colors, like yellows, oranges and blues, stick to neutrals and focus more on the piece’s structural elements, such as sleek lines and gold accents. Here are 7 midcentury-style pieces to get you started on a sophisticated dining room even the in-laws would love.

Fall in line tile rug
Fall in Line tile rug.

Fall in Line Tile Rug

Fall in love with a lined rug that is, in fact, made of several tile pieces. This is a clean, sophisticated look that provides much-needed texture to the modern space. The beauty of these tiles is that you can make any pattern you want and replace individual tiles if they get stained.

soho shaped leg dining table
Soho shaped leg dining table.

Soho Shaped Leg Dining Table

Sharp and angular with gold feet, this table is simple but makes a statement. This functional piece won’t take away from the more dramatic elements in the room and has modern features to blend in with the midcentury aesthetic.

geometric concrete planter
Geometric concrete planter.

Geometric Concrete Planter

Need a centerpiece? Succulents add the perfect touch to any midcentury table, as they provide great texture and natural color. A white geometric concrete planter like this one will help it pop.

zanadoo chandelier
Zanadoo chandelier.

Zanadoo Chandelier

This lighting pendant’s sharp lines are reminiscent of the space exploration days and add retro flair to the dining room. The sleek texture and brass finish complement the dining table’s gold feet and tie everything together.

midcentury china cabinet
Midcentury china cabinet.

Midcentury China Cabinet

This 1950s walnut china hutch by Kipp Stewart is a must-have for dining room storage. The angled silhouette and Danish modern design blend well with the midcentury aesthetic, allowing you to display dishes, collections, books and more!

midcentury retro wood dowel chair
Midcentury retro wood dowel chair.

Midcentury Retro Wooden Dowel Chair

For a chair design that goes well in an upscale dining room but also carries retro charm, look to the dowel leg chair. Its unassuming design adds just enough interest to give off a midcentury vibe and not stand out.

midcentury modern bar stool
Midcentury Modern bar stool.

Midcentury Modern Bar Stool

This low-back stool keeps a low profile in your modern dining room and offers more seating options at a higher level surface. Your chairs may be neutral, but your colorful cocktails will pop!