southwestern midcentury george nelson interior
Warm colors, unique patterns and the odd midcentury-style piece make for a truly Southwestern era bedroom. Photo by Jim Brown.

Like baseball and apple pie, ranch architecture is 100% American designed. In line with the country’s cowboy and indian obsession during the midcentury, these long and low homes were inspired by the actual southwestern homesteads that popped up all over the country. Soon modernist ideals intervened to great results and midmod was born.

In this Palm Springs “executive Alexander” home, midcentury classics and Santa Fe appeal blend for a look that’s truly all American.

george nelson bed storage

George Nelson Bed

An original George Nelson “Thin Edge” Bed acts as a stylish headboard. Rosewood gives the piece a warm tone that pairs well with the desert colors used elsewhere in the room. Storage is plentiful with reading lamps stored inside eye-level cabinetry.


Saarinean Tulip Armchair

This reproduction inspired by Eero Saarinen’s design is funky and modern. Set to the side of the bed, it balances well with the Nelson headboard. An orange cushion is reminiscent of the sandy southwestern dunes and red dirt.

Southwestern Bedding

To bring the look full circle and make it undoubtedly a nod to southwest living, use a patterned coverlet in a quality fabric. Woven cotton and wool give an authentic texture that a flat comforter would not. Look to the other pieces in the room to choose colors properly.