Make sure not to use too much color and overwhelm your senses. If you have bright colored furnishings, keep your walls neutral.

Having a room in your house to facilitate creativity is essential for decorators and renovators. The more you stare at the space you want to redesign, the more your vision can get confused. Step away from the stresses of fixing your home and start brainstorming in your home office.


A large part of creativity is using elements from your surroundings. If you’re working in a well designed space, chances are that your ideas will flow more freely. What facilitates this is often color. The color palette of your home office should be chosen purposefully. Think about colors that make you feel happy and energized. For instance, this office takes advantage of the blank wall and incorporates a bright blue.

Make sure not to use too much color and overwhelm your senses. If you have bright colored furnishings, keep your walls neutral. Using white and gray furniture can help to keep your space feeling clean and open and it is easy to incorporate colors when needed. Also, white colored furnishings can help you visualize your designs. Hang your blueprints on your white cabinets, so that you can focus on them more intently.


Home offices and creative spaces can get very cluttered very fast. In order to avoid this, use simple furnishings and don’t fill the space all the way. Keep the room fairly open, so that you have room to add things as time goes on. You may need another filing cabinet or some more space to hang your designs. When choosing furnishings, pick items that leave you enough space to add more in the future.

With that in mind, storage is necessary in a home office. Find that balance between form and functionality when furniture shopping. You want to have the most storage possible without taking away from the aesthetic of the room. Think about what kind of storage you need, as well. Some people prefer drawers over shelves, or cabinets. Figure out what is going to suit your needs best.


Placement of your furnishings and designs is also very important. Create a space for you to collaborate. Some of the best ideas have come from group discussions, so make sure you have room to bounce ideas off your partner. Also, make sure you have room to walk around, lay things on the floor, and move your furniture around. If you feel cramped in your space, you may have to reorganize your office. As a very visual person, it’s pertinent that you have space to lay out your designs and look at them from a different point of view. It’s always good to have a change of scenery, so don’t be afraid to switch your furniture around every once in a while.

Keeping your things in an organized manner will also help you get to designing and renovating much faster. Hang all your kitchen blueprints on one wall and your living room designs on another. Make sure your space is cleaned and keep your most important items in a place where you can reach them. However, this is your creative space so make sure that you feel comfortable in it.


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