Oakland living room
A combination of color, well-selected furniture and architectural elements in this open concept living room outside Oakland makes an unforgettable space.

There are so many striking components to this living room that even replicating one part of the room could completely revolutionize your home. From the fireplace and the vaulted ceilings, to the glass doors and the dark walls, this living room is one from a MCM fairytale.

Renovating and finding authentic vintage items is always fun and exciting, but don’t be afraid to get creative. What makes this room so great is that there are no rules. The designers of this room took the “what if’s,” and made them “what is.” Put some emphasis on your innovative design and make the space your own.


Color is critical when working with a large open space. Matching your colors on opposite sides of a room can instantly make a cozier space. In a room this size with a lot of large walls, color can be a decoration on its own. For instance, the staple dark blue wall decorates much of this room. The designers used very minimal wall art and let the paint color speak for itself. They then matched this blue with the abstract painting hanging on the white wall. These two walls bring the space closer together and create a symmetrical effect.

Also, the white wall contrasts the dark hue of the fireplace, allowing it to stand out even more as the centerpiece of the room. The rest of the room is very subtle, but still incorporates those traditional Midcentury modern colors. The mustard couch and the small red accents give the room a little dimension as it branches away from the navy blue. By using similar wood stains throughout the home, the designers maintained continuity throughout the space.


The furniture in this room is simple and effective. In a big space it is easy to get carried away with big furniture. Listen to the space and let it talk for itself. Put your furniture in strategic places to separate your dining room from your living room, or place your seating next to the most well lit part of the room. The two couches in this room truly compliment the areas that they are placed in. The mustard couch separates the fireplace area and the dining room from the entertainment space. Large colorful pieces can make more of a statement when they are placed near the center of the room. The gray couch goes well with the tiled fire pit and the wall art. Although its color and texture is simple, it allows the unique fireplace hood to stand out in that area.

When you’re working with a few heavy colors, packing in the patterns is not as important. The two matching chairs add some more seating to the entertainment area and give enough pattern without taking away from the other aspects of the room. Rugs are also important when thinking about texture. The cow hide rug is great for adding some warmth to the room and gives the area a more upscale feel. However, a rug with similar colors would work just as well.


Not everyone is lucky enough to find a home with all of these amazing architectural elements. Although having vaulted ceilings, beams, and a unique fireplace isn’t necessary to get this look, they are great additions to your home if you are thinking about renovating. If renovation isn’t something you see in your future, a few coats of paint can get your room looking like this one. Painting your ceiling a dark brown color, or any color with a dark hue, can provide your room with some warmth and thoughtfulness.

If you’re looking to go a bit further, or if you’re already working with wood beams, try adding some wood panels to your ceiling and/or painting your beams a lighter color to make them stand out. Without a doubt, the fireplace in this room is outstanding. A lot of homes do have fireplaces and just a coat of navy blue paint can give you this type of look. Adding a brick table with a faux fire pit is a great way to show off your creative design and wow your guests with your innovative furniture.