jetsons sofa
The Jetson sofa. Photo courtesy of Craft Associates Furniture.

Self-described as a “modern furniture manufacturer producing studio pieces,” Craft Associates Furniture has a unique legacy and a bright future. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because a new team acquired the remaining rights and revived an iconic 1960s brand.

modern dresser by craft associates
Modern dresser. Photo courtesy of Craft Associates Furniture.

Love for Mid Mod

The operating partners behind Craft Associates also own a high-end Midcentury Modern furniture company,, that restores and refinishes vintage designer furniture. It was this background and their extensive knowledge of the original company and furnishings that led to the team being approached by silent partners and relaunching Craft Associates Inc. as Craft Associates Furniture.

Formerly in Chicago and now in Oak Harbor, Ohio, the business is entirely online—but that has only increased the quality of their product. With everything in-house, the team at Craft Associates Furniture can control and coordinate quality furnishings as well as timely deliveries. As further evidence of their dedication to quality, the team spent three years perfecting their proprietary oil finish and commercial finish.

modern wooden arm wing chair by Craft associates
Modern wooden arm wing chair. Photo courtesy of Craft Associates Furniture.

Running A Creative Business

The Craft Associates Furniture team says that what sets them apart is the “quality of material and craftsmanship of the product, combined with our expertise in online marketing.”

Sylve Stenquist dining armchair, Tribute Furniture by Craft Associates Furniture
Sylve Stenquist dining armchair, Tribute Furniture. Photo courtesy of Craft Associates Furniture.

While the team says that it’s much harder than one might think to build a company and market great design— all while maintaining a high standard for quality, the team environment makes all the difference.

According to the Craft Associates Furniture team, “We are fortunate to have a great catalogue of vintage designs inspired by the original Craft Associates, Inc. With these products, there is an enormous amount of time dissecting and elevating both the construction and upholstery.”

Ensuring that midcentury style remains relevant to new and modern-day audiences calls for innovation, which leads the Craft Associates Furniture team to be incredibly mindful of material and finish updates to their vintage-inspired looks. Rather than focusing solely on “the prism of midcentury,” the team takes a broader view through purely “good design,” seeking to ensure longevity.


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