One of our favorite things on the internet right now is “Checking In!”—from the folks at Design Sponge. They take an iconic show and transform it into an interior design mood board. Today we’re taking a closer look at a couple of the shows they’ve covered by digging into their Midcentury Modern connections.

The Golden Girls

Golden Girls interior design Atomic Ranch Design Sponge

Who doesn’t love Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia? These ladies taught us how to be a friend in every season of life. While the interior design of their Florida home was more 1980’s cabana than Midcentury Modern, there are still lessons to be learned. Thanks to an amazing patio, the girls enjoyed a floor plan that easily flowed between the home’s interior and exterior. As so many midcentury homes boast a similar arrangement, let’s take a closer look.

The Takeaways:

  • Subtle nods to their tropical locale were made via touches of rattan and other natural fibers.
  • They weren’t afraid to incorporate a good palm print
  • Color and pattern are key to adding personality


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The Carol Burnett Show

Carol Burnett interior design Atomic Ranch Design Sponge

Carol Burnett—need we say more? It’s no wonder interior design inspiration can be drawn from this comedic icon as her personality alone provides enough color to inspire countless paint palettes. Take a cue from Carol and infuse your home with color and quirk, vibrancy and cheer.

Our only caveat is to leave your curtains on the wall—she’s definitely the only one who can pull off turning draperies into a gown.

The Takeaways:

  • Go bold! Don’t be afraid to order that yellow sofa or vibrant wall art.
  • Starbursts are essential for sparkle and personality.
  • Don’t take design too seriously, have fun making your home truly your own.


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