Moss-colored cabinetry is the perfect neutral accent to this kitchen’s natural wood paneling.

A neutral kitchen with a midcentury flair has a reputation for being mostly one color: white. Of course, there was more to the midcentury than pure, white minimalism. It’s time to take your neutral kitchen look up a notch, and you don’t even need to consider white an option.

Color Palette

When trying to create a neutral kitchen, the color palette is the key to unlocking your desired tone. Though grays, browns, whites and blacks are important for the foundation of the neutral space, you can get away with adding soft color to set a warm or cool undertone. This kitchen features light brown floors, dark brown walls and beige furniture, but went with colored cabinets to provide visual interest. Moss green and pale oranges and yellows are great picks for a warm tone, while light blues would set a cool tone.


A neutral palette can be enhanced through its source of lighting. Notice how this kitchen only has two bulbs of light, which is all it really needs because of the natural light that shines through the doors on the adjacent wall. If natural lighting isn’t feasible for your home plan, keep your light fixtures simple. These lights add another geometric shape to the squares and rectangles throughout, keeping lines clean and edgy.

Natural Elements

Wood is the perfect element to use in a neutral kitchen due to its natural color and texture. You can use it in its original form, such as the flooring in this space or paint it like they did on the ceiling. Its versatility offers an array of choices that will leave you with a clean and visually stimulating look. Adding some plants is a great choice to bring some life into the space. The dark green won’t take away from the neutral palette, as it’s not an artificial addition.

Keep Décor to a Minimum

Try to keep your countertops free of kitchen appliances. The neutral kitchen requires a clean backdrop to feature the tones and textures of the room. Instead, turn to kitchen hardware, such as cabinet handles and sink faucets to add a more modern feel.These cabinets feature finger holes rather than actual knobs for a sleek modern alternative. A few decor items such as pottery and flatware will add some shade and color variation and keep the space from looking entirely empty.