Summer is the season of flea markets, an excitement tempered by the reality of having to sift through victorian and contemporary collectibles. If you’re like us, you’re tired of showing up to flea markets only to find that they don’t offer any midcentury products. To ease the frustration, we’ve found 10 flea markets and shops that either feature or carry Midcentury Modern, so you can enjoy flea market season, too! (And, hopefully, you’ll come out with some new stuff for your collection.)

Palm Springs Vintage
Palm Springs has big furniture and art pieces as well as smaller collectibles.

Palm Springs Vintage Market

Where: Palm Springs, CA
When: 1st Sunday of every month

As Palm Springs is the hottest spot for Midcentury Modern homes, it’s only right that it’s also the go-to location for mid mod furniture and décor. At this flea market, you’ll find nothing but midcentury furniture, artwork, dishes, clothing, jewelry, music and more! Here, you don’t have to dig through other styles to find your MCM treasures, so visit this market for easy shopping and guaranteed retro finds.

Vintage/Mid-Century Flea Market

Where: Chapel Hill, NC
When: TBD

Midcentury Modern is a style that’s not offered everywhere, so when you find a place that specializes in retro décor, you should seize the opportunity. Though this flea market is new, and doesn’t currently have another event listed, you should definitely keep your eye on this one, as their first run was successful, and they specialize in midcentury merchandise. Follow their Facebook page to see when their next event will take place!

Sunbeam VIntage
For your summer remodel, Sunbeam Vintage provides great midcentury furniture options.

Sunbeam Vintage

Where: Los Angeles, CA
When: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Their website describes them as a Midcentury and Modern mecca and for good reason. If you’re looking for midcentury furniture, they have everything from couches to chairs, credenzas to night stands and both indoor and outdoor table sets. They strive to raise Midcentury awareness with their shop, and their passion ensures that they have the best of the best.

Carnival of Collectables

Where: Sicklerville, NJ
When: Tuesday through Sunday weekly

Though not strictly mid mod in style, this flea market hosts a variety of antique and retro pieces for your midcentury home. With over 150 vendors at their location, they offer great deals on Midcentury Modern, eclectic and handmade items.

Thieves Market
For great prices, go to Thieves Market, where you can haggle for lower pricing on your new-found treasures.

Thieves Market

Where: Tempe, AZ
When: First Saturdays, October through April

Do you enjoy bartering with flea-market vendors? This is the place to go! As an “old-school” flea market, they cater to savvy junkers, collectors and dealers. With one-of-a-kind collectibles, you’ll find plenty of midcentury amongst the fray.

Driving Miz Daisy
Driving Miz Daisy is known for their retro trailers and cars setting the tone for their market.

Driving Miz Daisy

Where: Mission Viejo, CA
When: 2nd Sunday of every month

This vintage flea market is known for specialty items a bit bigger than your average flea-market find. They have rows of vintage trailers and vehicles that they display at every event, setting a retro vibe in a big way! With over 200 vendors, they offer vintage and retro décor items, clothing, jewelry and more!

Wolff’s Flea Market

Where: Rosemont and Palatine, IL
When: Rosemont: every Sunday, April through October Palatine: Saturdays and Sundays year-round

Rather than limit themselves to a few styles, this flea market has everything a vintage enthusiast could think of. They offer Midcentury Modern items and retro toys, and with over 700 booths, there’s something for everyone!

Armadillo Consignment
With specialty midcentury furniture options, you can find a single piece or an entire dining room set at Armadillo Consignment.

Armadillo Consignment

Where: Seattle, WA
When: Tuesday through Saturdays year-round

Specializing in midcentury and contemporary furniture, this shop is a great resource for MCM enthusiasts. Their inventory is constantly fluctuating, so every visit will offer new and exciting pieces! With high-quality art, chairs, sofas, lamps and even clothing, this shop will meet multiple needs for those looking to remodel their mid mod home.

Philea Flea Market
Fiberglass lamps and colorful dishes are just some of the midcentury collectibles you’ll find at Phila Flea Market.

Phila Flea Market

Where: Philadelphia, PA (locations vary)
When: Antique & Vintage Market select Saturdays throughout the year. General flea market every Sunday, April through November

This flea market caters to true vintage-seekers, allowing only vintage and antique items to be sold at their venue. They don’t offer anything new or handmade, so you don’t have to question the authenticity of any item you find, making your treasure hunt easier and less work!

Plucky Maidens
For a fun retro vibe, visit Plucky Maidens for midcentury treasures and a vintage amusement park.

Plucky Maidens

Where: Portland, OR
When: July 21, November 17—18

It’s all about location, and with the prevalence of Midcentury Modern homes in Portland, there’s bound to be some good finds at this flea market. As well as the goods you’ll find, you should go for their venue, as it’s held at a functioning vintage amusement park! With music and food, you can enjoy the party while you hunt for your next treasures!