The proper pairing of your designer pieces can be a bold art-gallery-style look for your living space.

For those of us who love midcentury design, home isn’t the place to be lazy and let appearances slide. Instead, it’s the place we can show off our knowledge of the style and display the iconic pieces we love. Our homes become our own personal art gallery.

So how do you make your gallery shine? Let the pieces do the work for you. Picture your favorite art gallery: It probably has white walls, and the pieces aren’t so crowded that the viewer can’t enjoy each one individually. Use this standard to curate and arrange your own collection of pieces. In this home, the white walls and minimalist design allow the furniture to be the star of the show. Here are a few pieces you can pair together to recreate this simple look.


George Nakashima Dining Table & Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs

Nakashima’s 1968 dining table is beautiful yet simple. The table top is bookmatched wood board, held together by several butterfly joints. The design has traditional Japanese construction mixed with midcentury aesthetics, which makes it a perfect complement to Hans J. Wegner’s wishbone chairs. The Danish designer created the pieces in 1949 for the Carl Hansen & Son Co, who wanted to round out their dining chair collection. These chairs are more flamboyant than the subdued table, so the two work well together.



Polder Compact Sofa & Moroso Yo-Yo Table

While not an original MCM piece, the Polder sofa works well as a statement piece among other MCM furniture. It’s asymmetrical, which speaks to the Space Age patterns so prevalent during the ’50s and ’60s, and the couch even features miss-matched upholstery and buttons that give the piece a fun and playful feel. Pair this  with another midcentury-inspired piece, the Moroso Yo-Yo table. With its bright colors and shiny finish, the piece fits right alongside the sofa. Both have unique angles that make them perfect additions to  your art gallery home.


Eames Lounge Chair & Hip Haven Bullet Planter

The Eames lounge chair is such an iconic midcentury piece, even your design-ignorant friends might recognize it. In a neutral color, it lends sophistication and authenticity to any room. Beside it, a Hip Haven bullet planter adds a bright pop of color, with clean midcentury lines and an opportunity to bring a bit of greenery into your home. With any of these three pairs, no one will doubt your love for midcentury vibes.