eclectic modern home office
Fill your space with comforting textures, patterns and pieces, but be careful they’re not too distracting. You need to get work done in here, after all.

Midcentury Modern style excels at combining fun and function—a perfect recipe for a home office, where you want a space that allows you to focus in a relaxed and personable environment. Take cues from this mid mod office on how to blend these elements in a uniquely retro way—that even your pet will appreciate.

  1. Use warm colors and textures. Mid mod style uses lots of wood and seemingly sunburnt colors. Beyond a wooden desk and credenza, find unexpected places for wooden accents like a wastebasket or lamp like the Laurel Acorn lamp with a wooden base. Woven textures in chair upholstery and a rug warm up the room even more, especially in a retro palette of avocado, burnt orange, golden yellow and blues for contrast. The pegboard shutters also contribute their natural color and texture to the space and helps filter out light without completely blocking it.
  2.  Sleek silhouettes. Mix and match linear and circular/spherical shapes. No matter the architecture of your home office space, you can get a mid mod-inspired focus, function and minimalist wow factor from the furniture and accents you choose. Credenzas are Midcentury Modern’s answer to office storage, and their linear profile lends a sense of neat order. Meanwhile, the concentric shape of a tulip sidetable and bulbuous shapes of accents like the acorn lamp and vase softens and adds dimension to the look. Functional accents like the Z chair incorporates both and serves as a sculptural centerpiece.
  3. Decorate with collections. Displaying collections on the walls are a great way to add personal pizzazz to help your office still feel like home. Whether it’s folk art, paintings or prints, have fun placing them in conversation with each other on opposite walls. You can experiment with more or less so you strike the perfect balance of personality and focus in your own mid mod home office.