This Eichler living room features some of the midcentury’s most recognizable designer pieces, from Eames’s La Chaise in white, a Noguchi coffee table and a George Nelson Spindle clock. Complementary tones and materials keep the whole room cohesive, even with so many bold, eye-catching designs. Photo by Jim Brown.

Every style has those furniture pieces that are versatile and can work well in multiple setting, and then there are those pieces that fit squarely into one style. These Midcentury Modern pieces are known for their loyalty to the era and little else, making them design staples for any enthusiast. Created as much for art as function, they are guaranteed to bring a modern feel to your MCM living room, together or apart.


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Eames Rocker

Designer Charles Eames designed this fiberglass-reinforced plastic molded chair, available here, in 1948 to create a less complicated—in set-up— and more comfortable seat. While comfort is high on its priority list, this piece also contributes greatly to the color of your room. This pop of yellow is a stark contrast to the darker walls and floors of the above space, providing colorful variation as well as function.

Eames La Chaise

This chaise lounge, available here, doubles as a place to sit and a work of art. Though void of color, white pieces can successfully brighten your space while keeping with their part in the Midcentury Modern color palette.





George Nelson Spindle Clock

No MCM living room is complete without a George Nelson clock! Developed in the 1950s, his ball and spindle clocks are iconic to modernist furniture, and adorn most MCM homes. The thin and sleek spindles don’t display any numbers, leaving only the colored geometric shapes to denote time. A lot of clocks have been inspired by his designs, like this one here, and continue to bring a modern feel to homes today.



Control Brand Noguchi coffee table in matte black finish

Noguchi Coffee Table

The Noguchi table, available here, was designed by Isamu Noguchi, is a great geometric addition to your living room. The table consists of two identical wooden shapes and a heavy glass piece that allows the leg design to show through. It is a clean surface that provides a break from more wooden furniture—an asset to keep things modern and prevent one kind of material from taking over the room.




Square Design Storage Unit

Every room needs storage space, and this MCM-style shelving unit is just what you need to display books, vases and other treasures. The open design leaves plenty of space for art pieces and is an art piece in and of itself. This design is available here.




Abstract Wall Art

Hanging abstract art is a simple and sufficient way to add color to your space. The options are endless, as abstract art can display anything in any color desired, such as this painting here. Use art as an opportunity to introduce shapes that may not be present in your furniture or other art pieces. Let a painting inspire the look for the whole room or let the room inspire what is needed in the artwork.



Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.54.06 AM

Goetz Sofa

A more recent addition to the Herman Miller classics, the Goetz sofa, designed by Mark Goetz, is made to offer comfort and functionality in one piece. The dark cherry wood and black leather allow a dark foundation to be lightened with the other colorful pieces in the room.  This design is available here.