Furniture that serves two purposes helps make this room a comfortable guest room for the occasional overnighter while maintaining its usefulness to you on an everyday basis.

A guest bedroom plays two roles: It keeps your visitors comfortable when they stay and adds an extra place for you to retreat after they leave. In fact, you could argue that a guest bedroom serves as a miscellaneous room for you 90% of the time, so striking that balance between purposes is key. Here’s a recipe for a calm and clutter-free space for sweet (day)dreams for you and a relaxing stay for your guests.

  1. The Daybed. A daybed is the perfect piece to allow this room to serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a quiet lounge/reading room or office for you and double as a bed for your guests. This particular daybed takes its cues from Mies van der Rose’s daybed design. Find daybeds of similar sensibilities at Joybird or Rove Concepts.
  2. The Shelves. An exposed, linear storage shelving system spells Midcentury Modern loud and clear. In addition to be a Midcentury Modern icon, it can also help keep you honest in terms of storing only what you need and want to see while still allowing your guests a place to stash their wares. The OMNI storage system comes in a variety of sizes and price tags. Here is a three-bay George Nelson Omni Shelving System that fits the vibe of this MCM guest bedroom.
  3. The Chair. A classic Eames LCW—named “the chair of the century”—serves both the style and function of the room, providing its sleek silhouette as part of the décor and offering a place to sit and read.
  4. The Accents. It’s the little things that make home, sweet home (away from home). A Blenko vase, a unique set of abstract antelope figurines, and a vintage radio all make for great accents—as does the jazzy wall art. Browse your favorite shops and keep your eyes out at secondhand stores or online sites like Etsy—you never know when or where you may find a gem.