This 1958 Dallas home was designed by architect Arch Swank, Jr. Photo by Guadalupe Garza/Twin Shoot Photography.

Simple items are key for MCM decorators who are constantly switching up their style and color palettes—or who are looking for crisp pieces that can serve a variety of functions. These few items can be put in almost any room and together make for a stunning living space.

Metropolis sofa from Havertys
Metropolis Sofa,

Metropolis Sofa

If brown isn’t your color, this executive-style couch comes in white and red. Any of these colors will make a statement in your ’50s style office or your home entertainment room. Not only is this a piece that will last you years, it also has neutral color and pattern which allow you to experiment with these aspects in other parts of your room.

Poolside Gossip print
“Poolside Gossip” Print Art, 60″ x 40,”

“Poolside Gossip” Print Art

Bring a little bit of high society into your living room with this Silm Aarons artwork that can instantly brighten your walls. If you’re working with a small space, this piece can fill your wall with minimal effort. Lounge on your couch and dream of laying poolside in the 1950s.

Modeline teak lamp
Modeline Midcentury Modern Teak Table Lamp,


Modeline Mid-Century Modern Teak Table Lamp

Lighten up your room and add some tiki flair with this Modeline table lamp. Vertical space in a small room is essential and lamps are an easy way to add length to your walls.



Table-Tufted Tree Polyester Rug
Table-Tufted Tree Polyester Rug (7’6 x 9’6),


Table-Tufted Tree Polyester Rug (7’6 x 9’6)

If your furniture and wall color are fairly neutral, try mixing it up with a vibrant rug. Color, pattern, and texture are key to creating a living room with layers. This blue and yellow geometric rug emphasizes the Midcentury Modern feel that you’re going for while adding contrast through its pattern and soft texture.


Akiro coffee table
Akiro Coffee Table,

Akiro Coffee Table

Glass top coffee tables such as this one are crucial when working with a small space because they keep your room open, while allowing all the colors and patterns of the room to come through the table. The dark wood base also adds a neutral separation between the bright rug and the rest of the room.