Pink, orange, aqua or yellow, find your perfect midcentury color with Joybird Furniture.
Photo courtesy of Joybird Furniture.

What colors come to mind when you think of midcentury modern design? Maybe an unabashedly loud orange or a cool aquamarine? For Kitten Kay Sera, the famously kitschy “Pink Lady of Hollywood,” the only midcentury color that matters is pink. Her Santa Monica Boulevard apartment has been described as “Barbie’s Playhouse,” with its monochromatic color scheme and Old-Hollywood glamour furnishings by Joybird Furniture.

Photo courtesy of Joybird Furniture.

The “more is more” motto never seems to fail Kitten Kay Sera. The multi-hyphenate TV personality with a penchant for pink, displays her decade-spanning obsession not only from head-to-toe, but also inside her home. Feminine and free-spirited, Kitten’s blush-toned retreat tucked along Santa Monica Boulevard is full of charming, kitschy vibes.


It’s no wonder fans lavish her with flamboyant pink gifts or that she was cast alongside Paris Hilton for a Moschino ad campaign when her laugh is infectious and her speech sprinkled with 1950s slang and Auntie Mame attitude. “I don’t design for anyone but myself. If I want a pink faux fur accent wall, by golly I’m gonna have it!” And she does.

Beneath shades of ballet slipper, blush, bubblegum, rose, watermelon and magenta, we uncover Kitten’s passion for pink.

Photo courtesy of Joybird Furniture.
Uniquely Pink

A cotton candy layer of carpeting underfoot, plastic flamingos flocked together on the living room wall and her pink Maltese Miss Kisses are among the outrageous details where the Houston native’s fun-loving personality shine through. “Why make a fashion statement when you can make an exclamation mark,” says Kitten with a wink and a smile.

What were some of Kitten’s design inspirations? Check out the rest of the story to find out and see an interview with Kitten and her stylish pup first hand to get a sense of this perfectly pink Hollywood paradise (and maybe get some inspiration for your own midcentury color palette).


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