True period style in Palm Springs
A little bit of the ’60s, a little bit of the ’70s, this funky living room was designed for socializing.

What’s not to love about this fun and funky living room in a Jack Webb-built home? With a mixture of classic MCM pieces, off-the-wall thrift store finds and furniture with personality, it’s the perfect place to show off midcentury style. If you’re just getting started with your MCM decorating, it’s a good idea to start here, in the living room. After all, this is where you’ll come to relax at the end of the day, and where you’ll bring your guests for pre-dinner chats and after-dinner card games. Here are a few of the pieces that make this room so perfectly midcentury.


Add an arc floor lamp to your living room to create midcentury lighting.
Arc Floor Lamp

Don’t just look for a good couch and coffee table—look for lighting, too. Not only can you use lighting to brighten up the room, but a lamp can become a statement piece that will make a difference in the atmosphere. Arc floor lamps will contribute to that classic MCM vibe. Look for both the arced shape of the lamp stem, and for a domed lamp shade—metal, if you can find it. Pick up a vintage lamp, or purchase a new one.


A retro '70s style couch will make your home feel midcentury.
’70s-Style Sectional Sofa

The homeowners of the orange living room in the first photo found their sofa in the back room of a thrift shop. If you haven’t been as lucky in your flea market shopping, there are still plenty of options, both new and vintage. Look for a sectional with upholstery in classic modernist colors such as burn orange and mustard yellow, such as this one on Etsy, or go for a leather sectional that features a funky ’70s design. Also keep the outline of the couch in mind, such as a sectional with trapezoidal pillows.


Eames Lounge Chair
Eames Lounge Chair

Of course, there’s nothing like an Eames lounge chair to bring instant midcentury vibes to your living room. Especially if you have the accompanying ottoman, you’ll be set to wow your guests and make fellow MCM lovers jealous. The Eames lounge chair can be pricy, however. If you’re not in the market to spend a few thousand dollars on an armchair, be patient. Look for the chair at estate sales, flea markets and online. You might be able to find one at a discounted price if you’re willing to get one in an off color, or one with a bit of damage.