Neutra Eames and Nelson blended
The clean, unassuming design of Neutra’s homes lend themselves to the perfect blank canvas for your stand-out designer pieces. Photo by Jim Brown.

How do you combine the products of three famous midcentury designers in one space? Todd Saunders created a midcentury haven in his Long Beach, Calif., Neutra home when he returned the structure to its roots and inserted classic midcentury pieces. Here are a few of them, include some classic Eames and Nelson, and where you can find them yourself.

Eames Fiberglass Shell Chair
photo courtesy of Herman Miller
Eames Fiberglass Shell Chair

In his living room, Todd stuck with a single designer for the chairs—or in this case, a design duo. Charles and Ray Eames designed the fiberglass chair in 1950 with a “dry bind” process. Todd also found an old Eames pedestal chair in a dumpster and rescued it from its doomed fate.

George Nelson Platform Bench
Photo courtesy of Herman Miller
Nelson Platform Bench

Nelson designed his platform bench in 1946, and it was part of his first Herman Miller collection. The bench is part of his Basic Cabinet series, but works well all on its own as a seating area or low work surface.

Nelson Drop-Leaf Desk
Photo courtesy of 1Dibs
Nelson Drop-Leaf Desk

George Nelson’s drop-leaf desk is a rarer find than his platform bench because the product is no longer in production. But it’s the perfect statement piece for an office area, due to its simple design and handy leaf you can extend for extra work space, if needed.