Perhaps you’ve heard of a little company known as Heath Ceramics? The icon of clay works was co-founded by Edith Heath and her husband Brian in 1948. They’ve been making tile and homewares ever since, so it is safe to say the company knows a thing or two about their craft.

So what exactly goes into making their tile so uniquely beautiful? The secret may very well be in the glaze.

“At Heath, we create all of our glazes according to proprietary recipes – just as Edith did back when we started. That means we’ve had over 50 years experience in it, and have learned a thing or a hundred about what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to glaze,” shares Emily Holmes.

Heath Ceramics Atomic Ranch Midcentury Modern
Photo courtesy of Heath Ceramics According to Heath Ceramics, Edith is considered to have been a master of even the most technical aspects of glazing. She was “always finding innovative ways to create extraordinary colors and textures.”

“We’re always working on our glazes, whether it’s creating new glazes, or reformulating existing ones, and it takes a village to do so. The joy of being a vertically-integrated company (where we design, make, and sell our own products) means that we have all the skills we need under one roof, and have long experience at working together,” shares Emily. “Our design teams work closely with our glaze masters, ceramic engineering and production teams to create and refine our glazes. It’s a long, laborious process involving numerous steps and constant testing.”

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