The A-frame design of this Swiss Miss home in Palm Springs offers an amazing (and giant) space for all of your best designer pieces. Photo by Jim Brown.

Everyone loves a large room with plenty of windows. However, filling a room like this while balancing an open space can be a little tricky. This Palm Springs living room mixes almost all the textures in the book to create a space with noticeable layers. If you’re not one for decorating with patterns, try using more textures and balance your natural light with dark furnishings. These pieces are easy to find and work in more places than just the living room.

John Risley Lounge Chair Duyan Rattan,

Woven Duyan Chair

This unique lounge chair is a subtle way to add some tiki flair to your retro room. Talk about adding texture! This piece won’t take over your already established style and it is easy to dress up or down. Add some tribal pillows or a bright maroon throw to bring this chair into your MCM room.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman,

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Give your room an elegant touch with a chair that will last. When looking to add more quality furnishings to your living room, leather is a great way to go. Lay back in this cushioned chair and kick your feet up as you listen to the fire crackle in the winter.

Platner Easy Chair,

Platner Easy Chair

If blue and orange aren’t your colors, don’t fret. Hive Modern has over 100 textures and colors to choose from. Experiment with new colors or add some pattern to your living room with this chair that’s fit for a king.

Nelson Platform Bench (Large),

Nelson Platform Bench

If you’re one for simple and stylish, this bench goes with almost every MCM room. Use it on your patio or dress it up in your living room. Working with a smaller space? Try the Nelson Platform Bench (Small). This bench is so versatile and casual enough to blend with the room.

Platner Bronze Side Table,

Platner Bronze Side Table

This unique table is a cool addition to this open living room. If you have a lot of light in your room, add a table with open slits that helps the light move through the room rather than including a clunky table that blocks off the light. Flow is very important in an open floor plan.

Poul Henningsen White PH Artichoke Chandelier for Louis Poulsen,

Poul Henningsen White PH Artichoke Chandelier

This room room really balances its vertical space with tall furniture and this elegant artichoke lamp. Give your ceiling some love by adding a chandelier that brings your room closer together. If you’re using a lot of dark colors, a bright light fixture will provide some more balance without breaking the color palette.