Every year designers and decor magazines come out with their predictions for what elements will reign supreme. While some don’t wind up being total crowd pleasers (yes, we’re looking at you, 2015 color of the year) others open our eyes to new beauty. This year, many of the trend predictions fit perfectly with midcentury style—a testament to it’s truly enduring nature.


This bold hue is a retro staple, so it will be interesting to see how contemporary designers incorporate it. (Also, we called this back in 2016 with the Design Issue)

Floral patterns.

As if fans of vintage style didn’t already know this, but a fun floral pattern can go a long way in bringing personality and fun to a room.

70s chic.

Does Brutalist design strike your fancy? You’re in luck, because more designers will be honing the look and giving it a fresh twist—as exemplified by Jonathan Adler.


Will it go so far as to bring back our beloved wall panels? Time (well, 2018) will tell.


Fans of Midcentury Modern design already know the beauty of this stunning material, with its subtle glisten and flecks of color. Expect to see it popping up on floors, in showers and as countertops.