Everything from the furnishings to the color palette were carefully coordinated in this room to bring the home’s interior back into 1964, the year the house was built. Photo by Landon Wiggs.

Ever wish you could bring your Midcentury Modern home back in time to the year it was built? This room was designed to replicate the 1964 birth year of the house its in, even down to its color scheme furniture pieces for an authentic look that makes the homeowners feel as if they’ve gone back in time! Recreate the vibe of the era with these 7 mid mod pieces for a truly 1960s living room.

White Eames lounge chair.

White Eames Chair

Let’s start with a Midcentury Modern staple: the Eames lounge chair. Comfortable and modern, this neutral chair is perfect for filling a corner or blocking off an area while making a modern design statement. Here’s a version that will get you the look without breaking the bank. Remember that neutral furniture provides more opportunities for patterned and colored accent pillows.

Hughes Sofa, Joybird.

Yellow Sofa

A muted yellow midcentury sofa is the perfect addition to your mostly-neutral furniture, as it brings in subtle color for variance without going overboard. Don’t forget to add accent pillows for texture!

Triangles Throw Pillow.

Geometric Pillows

You can never go wrong with a geometric pattern in a midcentury home, so if you’re struggling with your pillow choices, fall back on triangles, squares or even stripes for a look that will match any mid mod style.

Teal curtains.

Teal Curtains

Teal was an extremely popular color back in the ‘60s, and as this home was built in that time period, the homeowners went with a color they knew would be at home in that year to bring the interior back to its roots. Research popular colors during the year your home was built for a fun and authentic look.

Cordova blocks.

Breezeblock Wall

Though they usually appear outside of Midcentury Modern homes, a breezeblock wall is a great way to section off rooms without blocking them completely. Create an entire wall or make thinner beams for support and a touch of artistic flair. Paint them any color you’d like, but make sure to source them locally, as their weight will make shipping costly.

Moroccan shag rug.

Shag Rug

Shag rugs offer amazing texture to a room, without any color. This diamond option is the perfect neutral base for your midcentury 1960s room. The black lines add a darker shade to the mostly bright room.

Siesta chairs.

Ingmar Relling Siesta Chairs

Every fresh white room needs dark shades to ground the room and make the white pieces seem brighter. These Siesta Chairs by Ingmar Relling for Westnosa won a prize in 1964 for most comfortable chair in the Norwegian Furniture Council competition. The crinkled leather balances the sleek design of other mid mod pieces in the room.