I’ve scoured my favorite mid mod brands to find the best retro treasures. While I certainly wouldn’t mind finding any of these atomic goodies under my tree, something tells me that you’ll glean a few gift-giving ideas for your loved ones (or to add to your own wish list)!

Audrey & Mr. Famous
Audrey & Mr. Famous.
She’ll always be a role model (as well as a fashion influence), so I think it’s high time my home payed homage to everyone’s favorite leading lady. 
What’s not to love about a cheerful box of mid mod goodies showing up on your porch every other month? 
Lavender, eucalyptus, and pine are my favorite scents—and thanks to it’s sleek design this diffuser would look right at home in my office or living room. 
Sleek, mod, and it comes in my favorite color? Count me in.  
What’s not to love about being able to wear an iconic mid mod silhouette? You’ll probably want to check out I Adorn U’s silver cinderblock cuff, too. 
Slightly smaller in scale, this cozy chair is anything but slim on style. I’m thinking that the Cordova Mineral fabric would be the perfect fit for my living room. 
I go weak in the knees for stoneware, and this sunny kitchen workhorse is no exception. Speckled and bright, I might just gift this mod beauty to myself! 
An air purifier—on a Christmas wish list? It may seem odd, but anyone who lives in an older home understands the seemingly endless struggle with dust. I’m definitely interested in a sleek solution. 
It seems that Modern Retrograde can do no wrong! This beauty would be a perfect addition to my office. 
What mid mod home is complete without art from Charley Harper? 
Do you enjoy hosting as much as I do? This stylish stack of coffee cups is as pretty as it is functional. 
Just the thought of this mod black-and-white-beauty hanging by the window makes me happy.
Jazz up your vanity or refresh your bookcase (that’s what I’m envisioning) with a little streamlined glisten. 
Did you know this sculpture wasn’t an original Eames design, but rather a piece of folk art the couple had in their home? Used as a prop in a photo shoot for their DKR chairs, people fell for the little bird and reproductions are now available. 
I can’t get enough of artist Jenn Ski’s funky mid mod style, and I’m sure you will, too. Choosing just one favorite print is a tall order! 
 As much as I love to bake, I’m confident that this mid mod style mixer would make whipping up cakes even more fun. 
No matter if you regularly misplace your phone or love house plants, this clever desk accessory is a minty mod solution. If you’re like me and both apply, I’d suggest asking Santa to place an order soon. 
Can you imagine setting out a holiday dinner under this gorgeous midcentury chandelier? 
I know it’s for the dining room, but I’m thinking that this mid mod chair would also make a pretty great companion to a retro desk. 
Serve up refreshments? Corral vanity essentials? Organize my desk? The possibilities for this retro tray are endless. 
Can you guess what my favorite color is? This vintage lamp and it’s custom-crafted lampshade are the things of mid mod dreams. 
My rotary phone is wall mounted, so I’ll be setting this retro cutie up stash copies of my favorite magazine. 
Handcrafted, I am captivated by the beauty of the woodgrain on this stunning vessel. 
As someone who loves vintage travel tea towels, this pillow is an absolute win. 
I may have to do a little furniture shifting, but this bench sure would look great at the foot of the bed.