First comes love, then comes marriage. Next comes a wedding registry full of your favorite Mid Century Modern-style must haves. This March, we’re curating some of our favorite items that will help the happy couple build a life together.

Whether you and your better half are currently creating your perfect registry, you’re a guest trying to pick the perfect gift or (let’s be honest) the love between yourself and DANSKware is real, you can count on this list to inspire. This week, we’re starting with our picks for the kitchen and dining room.

Classic choices like wine glasses and china sets can be found here, albeit in their mod-ified forms. But we think you really should pay attention to some of the “pie in the sky” choices: Funky appliances or non-essential pieces you would love (and your family would love to buy for you). And don’t worry—we’ve covered the whole gamut of price ranges, so everyone from Mother of the Bride to Mother’s Cousin’s Daughter’s Best Friend has something they can contribute to your happy day.

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DANSK Kobenstyle 4-Piece Place Setting, Teal
Courtesy of DANSK

Clean and crisp is the name of the game when it comes to your new dining set. Let the food do all the talking with just a touch of MCM framing with this set.

DANSK Kobenstyle 4-Piece Place Setting, Teal, $51.84


ShalinIndia Handmade Party Decor Wooden Napkin Rings
Courtesy of ShalinIndia

Beautiful wood accents make your home special, and your dining accents should complement that.

ShalinIndia Handmade Wooden Napkin Rings, Set of 8, $15


Dansk Classic Fjord Teak 20pc. Set
Courtesy of DANSK

Brushed stainless steel and a classic teak handle give this flatware set that minimalist mid mod feel without getting too kitschy.

DANSK Classic Fjord Teak 20-piece set, $309.99


large modern crystal wine glasses
Courtesy of Elixir Glassware

You’re going to need wine glasses for all the entertaining you and your new spouse are going to do. Might as well make them bold and modern.

Large Red or White Wine Glasses, Set of 4, $41.97

Rosenthal Versace Whiskey Glasses Medusa Lumiere designed by Gianni Versace
Courtesy of Rosenthal

Some say you should put the expensive stuff you’d never buy yourself on your wedding registry. If you ascribe to that point of view, you’d better add these Versace-designed whiskey glasses to your list just in case Aunt Helen is feeling particularly generous.

Rosenthal Versace Whiskey Glasses, Medusa Lumiere, Set of 2, $192


Ambesonne Retro Decor Tablecloth
Courtesy of Ambesonne

Bring some of that retro flair to the dining table with a classic Scandinavian pattern in warm, inviting colors.

Ambesonne Retro Decor Tablecloth, $29.95


LampLust 2 Silver Finished Taper Candle Holders
Courtesy of LampLust

Modernists love their Scandinavian-style candle holders, and this rendition adds a nice silver touch to the classic look.

LampLust Silver-Finished Tapered Candle Holders, Set of 2, $25.99


gold wire geometric modern fruit basket
Courtesy of Juvale

The great thing about an essential piece like this is it translates well whether you use for the dining table or the kitchen counter.


Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads
Courtesy of Lipper International


Whether you’re serving up salad at dinner or presenting fruit at breakfast, the contour and finish of this wood fruit bowl is at home in your mid mod abode.

Lipper International Cherry-Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl, $23.84


Jomop Modern Ceramic White Pitcher Water Jug
Courtesy of Jomop

Sharp, sleek, modern—these same words used to describe your home can be applied to something as essential as a pitcher.

Jomop Modern Ceramic White Pitcher, $15.80


+Steel 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Pitcher
Courtesy of +Steel

Don’t you think this water pitcher is reminiscent of the Mid Century Modern coffee sets of old? We agree.

+Steel 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Pitcher with Ice Guard, $17.95


Sagaform #5015942 Stoneware Retro Tea Pot
Courtesy of Sagaform

A little bit of color never hurt anyone. And this retro teapot is certainly no exception.

Sagaform Stoneware Retro Tea Pot, $49.95


black NEOCASA Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker
Courtesy of NEOCASA

We like our French presses like we like our coffee: Black with a clean finish.

Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker, $33.90


Eurolux Percolator Coffee Maker Pot
Courtesy of Eurolux

Remember what we said about the MCM coffee sets? This design even percolates your coffee—how about that?

Eurolux Percolator Coffee Maker Pot, $33.99


Dansk Kobenstyle Chili Red Casserole
Courtesy of DANSK

If you’re looking for some truly retro staples for your new kitchen, look no further than classic DANSK cookware, just like mama used to use.

DANSK Kobenstyle Chili Red Casserole, 2-Quart, $59.99


Retro 5-Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, Pink
Courtesy of Neoflam

Pink has truly made a comeback. And with its mid mod-inspired silhouette, this cookware set feels like a blast from the past.

Retro 5-Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, Pink, $95.99


Le Creuset Raymond Loewy Flame Enameled Cast Iron Skillet with Wooden Handle
Courtesy of Le Creuset

For a truly retro look and a brand name that is synonymous with “forever,” add a few of these Raymond Loewy-designed cast iron skillets from Le Creuset.

Le Creuset Raymond Leowy Enameled Cast Iron Skillet, Flame, $299.95


Daewoo KOR-7LREM Retro Countertop Microwave Oven
Courtesy of Daewoo

It might be unusual to add a microwave to your registry, but when it’s a stylish, retro one like this, why the heck not?

Daewoo Retro Countertop Microwave Oven, $89.99


Smeg retro style aesthetic stand mixer in cream
Courtesy of Smeg

Finally, no retro-inspired registry would be complete without something Smeg, and there’s no time like now to (hopefully) have someone gift you the gift of a stand mixer.

Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic Stand Mixer, Cream, $459.95


Check back in again next week for our bed and bath picks!