Were you lucky enough to know the wonders of a home intercom system? A popular upgrade added to many a midcentury home, the home intercom system was a big step towards easy communication and whole-home entertainment.

No matter if your midcentury home has a functional home intercom system or the relic of a once-useful modern amenity, this fun read from Apartment Therapy is a great start to the weekend.

The ’60s and ’70s were really the heyday of the home intercom system, though intercoms in the office existed far before then. NuTone, a popular purveyor, introduced its first model in 1954. (The early NuTone intercoms were built with vacuum tubes, a technology you might remember from computer science class.) You might have had an intercom system at home, if you were born at a particular time and in a particular house, in which case you might recall the voice of your mom or dad suddenly blaring over a loudspeaker in your bedroom. Or maybe you have memories of homes with unused or nonfunctional speaker boxes embedded into the wall, the relics of a more (or less) connected time.

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