There are many pieces of iconic midcentury furniture design, but arguably the most varied and coveted are the chair designs. With heavy hitters like Bertoia, Eames, Saarinen and Wegner playing with the basic side and armchair silhouettes and forms, the portfolio of designs range from simple classics to bold, colorful additions to your space. With the most famous chairs of the greats so in demand, we’ve gathered some alternative Midcentury Modern chairs that exude that same MCM flair without you having to see them everywhere you go.


Black walnut Manta chair from Kardiel
Manta dining chair, Kardiel.

A modern reproduction of a classic dining chair, this Manta chair from Kardiel is made from black walnut and has a gorgeous hourglass shape for your dining room.

Black walnut Ebee dining chair from Modway
Ebbee dining chair, Modway.

Another dining-room classic, Modway’s Ebee chair, adds a touch of black walnut to your space while also giving a touch of that Danish design flair.

Pandora side chair in Green by Armen Living
Pandora side chair, Armen Living.

Similar to the Eames Eiffel chair, the Pandora dining side chair is a great combination of wood, metal and upholstery while still maintaining a slight frame.

Phoebe dining armchair in orange by Armen Living
Phoebe dining chair, Armen Living.

Beautiful orange upholstery, gentle curved arms and a slick cut out make the Phoebe dining chair a colorful, Saarinen-esque addition to your typical mid mod dining room, bedroom or home office.

Lumisource vintage mod dining chair from Target
Vintage mod dining chair by LumiSource, Target.

Similar in general silhouette to the Phoebe, this vintage mod dining chair from Target is a budget-friendly chair that has a great modernist look.

Remark armchair in sunny by Modway
Remark armchair, Modway Furniture.

Outfitted with classic splayed legs and upholstered in fabric aptly named “sunny,” the Remark armchair is the perfect bold addition to your conversation pit or living room.

Athena 07 lounge chair in white leather
Athena 07 lounge chair, Design Tree.

Designed after the Wenger Shell Chair, the Athena 07 lounge chair from Design Tree is a beautiful side chair for any room in your house.

Cub chair and ottoman in urban surf and ash
Cub chair and ottoman, Kardiel.

If the Featherston Contour and the Selig Z Midcentury Modern chairs had a child, it would be the Cub chair and ottoman from Kardiel, a delightfully colorful and sleek lounge chair.


By Elise Portale