A mid century home featuring an open landscape and large custom windows.
Courtesy of Boone Brothers Media

Back in the mid 1950’s, architect Stephen Meyer was asked by his sister, Lillian, to build a home inspired by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The result was a Portland, Oregon home completed in 1957 that pays homage to Wright’s mid century style. The home was so beloved by the surrounding community that the late owner opened it up for architectural tours. It’s now up for sale.

The home features an open layout with large custom windows including floor to ceiling windows that overlook the backyard and patio area. The large windows allow a ton of natural light to seep into the home and provide wonderful views. The living area is accompanied by a polished concrete hearth that has aged beautifully over the years.  A curtain wall with floating shelves separates the living room from the kitchen and dinning areas. The home currently possesses two fireplaces; one in the living room and one downstairs in the recreation area.

The original flooring and appliances of this midcentury kitchen were replaced to modernize the home.
Courtesy of Boone Brothers Media

Lillian and her husband Bill handpicked many of the items that make up the home including Vertical-grain fir paneling which gives the home an awesome retro vibe. Amazingly, most of the original elements of the home are still intact today. Some of the things that were renovated to help modernize the home were appliances, countertops and flooring which luckily, do not diminish the midcentury appeal. One of the things that hasn’t been updated is the original lighting that illuminates the home when natural light isn’t available.

The dining area of this mid century home is accompanied by a view of the backyard thanks to floor to ceiling windows.
Courtesy of Boone Brothers Media

This three-bedroom, two-bath mid century marvel is in search of a new owner and is on the market with an asking price of $595,000. Even though it has been decades since Wright’s death, his mid century architectural style remains timeless.

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