A true icon of American television, “The Brady Bunch” captured the hearts of viewers with its quirky scenarios, life lessons, an abundance of blond hair, and of course—the house. Now that very house is on the market, but it might look a little different than you would expect.

Brady Bunch House for Sale Atomic Ranch

Turns out, all the interior scenes for “The Brady Bunch” were shot in a studio. The exterior, however, was and is a real house which you can really buy.

According to CBS, “Its asking price of $1.885 million represents a big windfall for the current owners, who bought the property for $61,000 in 1973, according to purchase records, the Associated Press reports. That means this is the first time the house will have changed hands since ‘The Brady Bunch’ was still in its heyday.”

So…What Does it Look Like Inside?

The master bath boasts a MusiCall intercom, floral wallpaper is in ample supply, the wood paneling has been well-loved and the stone fireplace is intact—it’s a 1970s home through and through. Ringing in at 2,477 square feet, the house

Brady Bunch house for sale Atomic Ranch Brady Bunch house for sale Atomic Ranch

Tear Down Offers are on the Table

As is all-too-common a tale for midcentury houses, offers have come in that intend to tear down the icon. Fortunately for fans, the current owners are looking for a buyer who will cherish the house and its unique history.

Want to see even more of the house? Check out its Zillow listing.

Brady Bunch house for sale Atomic Ranch