What is a Midcentury Modern preservation group, and what do they do? Mid mod preservation groups are dedicated to preventing the loss of  retro homes, buildings and landmarks. They educate communities, raise awareness of historical significance, rescue buildings from redevelopment and disrepair, act as resources to homeowners and so much more.

In this series (be sure to catch the firstsecond and third posts), I will be highlighting preservation groups across the United States one region at a time. While the vast number of groups working to save our midcentury history doesn’t permit this to be an entirely comprehensive list, I hope that these roundups help you to find a local group or inspire you to partner with one in your neighborhood.

While California tends to dominate the western preservation conversation, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado all have a rich history of midcentury architecture to preserve.

This week’s region: The West 

Restore Oregon: This group is on a mission to save historic places. If you’re in the area (or want to sneak in a little springtime getaway), on May 6th Restore Oregon is hosting the 2017 Midcentury Modern William Fletcher House Tour. According to the website, the tour seeks to go beyond celebrating the beautiful homes, “the goal for our tour is to draw attention to the need for thoughtful preservation of Modern architecture.” That’s a message we can get behind!

Palm Springs Preservation Foundation: A list of midcentury preservation groups wouldn’t be nearly complete without the desert town of Palm Springs. The town is so passionate about its history and countless midcentury gems that this is just one of the many groups working to save the retro architecture of the desert.

Nevada Preservation Foundation: According to the NPF mission statement, “Our mission is to preserve and revitalize historic buildings and places in Nevada and to cultivate a presence around cultural heritage and tourism.” The group has already helped a Las Vegas neighborhood gain historical recognition, and they host an annual home tour—featuring the best of the city’s mid mod pads.

Arapahoe Acres Historic District: This is the thing of historic neighborhood dreams. A full history on the neighborhood, an archive of the homes with details on the original designs, information on homes for sale and the original neighborhood covenant from 1949 are all just a click away. The site states that “Arapahoe Acres is the first post-World War II residential subdivision listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places.”



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