Southern Midcentury preservation groups
South of the Mason-Dixon line, there are plenty of Midcentury Modern sites worth preserving by these organizations.

What is a Midcentury Modern preservation group, and what do they do? Mid mod preservation groups are dedicated to preventing the loss of retro homes, buildings and landmarks. They educate communities, raise awareness of historical significance, rescue buildings from redevelopment and disrepair, act as resources to homeowners and so much more.

In this series (be sure to catch the first and second posts), I will be highlighting preservation groups across the United States one region at a time. While the vast number of groups working to save our midcentury history doesn’t permit this to be an entirely comprehensive list, I hope that these roundups help you to find a local group or inspire you to partner with one in your neighborhood.

This week’s region: The South 

HoustonMod: Their Mission statement says it all, “Houston Mod is a non-profit, 501(C)(3), membership organization dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of modern architecture and design in Houston and Texas. Houston Mod advocates the preservation of this cultural legacy and seeks support from its members and the general public in achieving this goal.”

Arizona Preservation Foundation: With a broad preservation focus, this group is aimed at keeping all of Arizona’s architectural history safe and secure—including its mid mod hotspots. Follow their Instagram for a peek at some of the area’s gems, like this retro market.

Preservation in Mississippi: This blog offers a unique perspective. The tagline, “it ain’t all moonlight and magnolias” sets the tone for digging up the more unique architecture of the state. If anything, the blog is an inspiration to dig a little deeper into our own communities so as to better appreciate the fullness of our history.

Okie Mod Squad: Working to showcase, educate and preserve, the Okie Mod Squad partnered with the Oklahoma City Foundation for Architecture  to put on the first Okie Modernism Weekend back in May. Also worth noting is Oklahoma Modern, a blog run by Rex and Jackie Brown who are seeking to let the world know about Oklahoma’s abundance of Midcentury Modern architecture.


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