Eastern midcentury preservation groups
From the select Eichler communities to the Bauhaus gems at Cape Cod, East Coast preservation groups have their hands full.

What is a Midcentury Modern preservation group, and what do they do? Mid mod preservation groups are dedicated to preventing the loss of  retro homes, buildings and landmarks. They educate communities, raise awareness of historical significance, rescue buildings from redevelopment and disrepair, act as resources to homeowners and so much more.

In this series, I will be highlighting preservation groups across the United States one region at a time. While the vast number of groups working to save our midcentury history doesn’t permit this to be an entirely comprehensive list, I hope that these roundups help you to find a local group or inspire you to partner with one in your neighborhood.

This week’s region: East Coast 

From the select Eichler communities to the Bauhaus gems at Cape Cod, East Coast preservation groups have their hands full. Here are some of the groups you can get involved with if you are a midcentury enthusiast who lives on the eastern seaboard.

Historic New England: While not solely protecting midcentury architecture, the group recently partnered with the current owner of architect Marcel Breuer’s home to prevent future owners from making insensitive alterations.

North Carolina Modernist Homes: With architect biographies, home listings, an archive of relevant documents and so much more—this site is an excellent resource even for modernist fans outside of North Carolina.

Central Florida Modern: As a part of the the Nils M. Schweizer Fellows, this website features galleries of local mid mod residential and commercial buildings as well as churches—allowing visitors to virtually “step in” to local midcentury masterpieces.

Docomomo: Technically an international preservation group, Docomomo’s focused efforts to document, educate and conserve yields chapters across the United States, with seven on the East Coast alone.

Tune in next time as I continue my Preservation Group Roundup!

East Coast Preservation Groups, Speak Out!

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