The Brady Bunch house, purchased by HGTV in August 2018, is currently under renovation.
Although the exterior of this home in Studio City, CA, is synonymous with one of the 1970s’ most iconic sitcoms, the house, with a peaked roof and flagstone façade, was built in 1959. Photo by Anthony Barcelo, courtesy of Ernie Carswell, Spencer Daley, and Sarah Blanchard.

It’s a story of a house from “Brady.” And your favorite home design network is looking for your favorite Mid Century pieces to put your favorite family’s home back together.

You may remember the headlines from last August, when HGTV out-bid musician Lance Bass (of *NSYNC fame) to own the home for $3.5 million. Initially, fans were concerned that the 1959 residence in Studio City, CA, would get the same style of renovation treatment as “Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper” or other shows on the network that focus on contemporary or rustic upgrades. However, HGTV has pulled out all the stops to ensure that this home gets the proper period treatment—right down to mobilizing fans of “The Brady Bunch” to pull together iconic items to help outfit the home.

Although the iconic residence was used only in exterior shots in the original show, this “Very Brady Renovation” seems to be the real deal, with the network looking for the same pieces for this house as were on the show’s sound stage. From the antique radio in Greg’s room to the kitchen’s steel double oven, they need it all.

“In order to truly bring The Brady Bunch house back to life, HGTV needs vintage furniture and decor items true to the original TV series. As you can imagine, many of these items aren’t easy to find. From the living room couch and credenza to the home’s front door handles, HGTV has a whole list of sought-after items,” HGTV wrote in a statement.

Read more about the hunt here, and if you have a spare avocado green fridge in your garage, it could be perfect for the newly renovated Brady house!