Red cedar and massive windows surround the exterior of this home.

What happens when you take a midcentury masterpiece and place it on the coastline of Massachusetts? Ask designers Don DiRocco and Mark Hammer.

This exquisite property is home to an exclusive Danish furniture collection. With floor to ceiling windows this 2,900 square foot home feels like it goes on forever. As you walk through the front door you are greeted with a sprawling layout and high-pitched ceilings—all underneath an angled roof. The kitchen stays true to midcentury design with a mahogany counter and black metal chairs at the island.

A classic mid modern design is shown through the color scheme and textures in this kitchen.

Incorporating the outdoors into their home, an outdoor shower with a view is accessible through the master bath. With matching mahogany and dark granite, the master bathroom imitates the look of the kitchen. What more could you look for in a home besides an ocean view and stunning mid mod furniture collection?

Continuing with an open layout, the master bath opens up to an outdoor shower.

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