J. Geiger Shading technology
“If they have something crazy and custom, we can help them,” James says. The company has created up rolling angled shades for clerestory windows and is willing to try new things to create the perfect fit. Photo courtesy of J. Geiger Shading Technology.

If you’ve checked out The Renovation Guide, then you’re already familiar with J. Geiger Shading Technology. Today, we’re sharing a bit more of our conversation with founder James Geiger so that you can outfit your home with mod-friendly window shades.

J. Gieger Shading Technology
Each piece of hardware is milled from solid aluminum—with the brackets taking an hour to mill. They are also as customizable as the shades themselves as they can be power coated to any color. Photo courtesy of J. Geiger Shading Technology.

Meet J. Geiger Shading Technology

Large windows that blur the lines between a home’s interior and exterior are a hallmark of midcentury design—but when life calls for privacy or simply a filter from UV rays, what is a modernist homeowner to do? Bulky blinds inhibit the intended streamlined design, as do roller shades with boxes above the window frame.

J. Geiger Shading Technology.
Photo courtesy of J. Geiger Shading Technology.

“People say that they don’t want to see shades, but they also don’t want to see the mechanisms,” James says. With this new design in mind, J. Geiger Shading Technology began in 2012, and today the shades are produced in Charleston, South Carolina.

Design + Installation

According to James, the best time to get started on shading is during the construction phase—which is good news for Midcentury Modern homeowners planning their renovation work. Once windows are installed and the paint is dry, they can get to work.

The team at J. Geiger Shading Technology handles the entire process. Their expert installation team measures the windows—down to the 32nd of an inch—outfits the window casings with the appropriate brackets, cuts the tubes in your home to ensure no surprises or mishaps, and then installs the shades themselves.

In evidence to the company’s desire for each customer to have an excellent experience to go along with their high-quality shades, James says, “A senior sales representative walks through every customer’s home to make the process as seamless as possible, and our installation team even wears white cotton gloves.”

J. Geiger Shading Technology
With a 5-year warranty, the ability to be used in any room of the house—kitchens and baths included—and easy-to-clean fabric, these shades are a highly functional long-term investment. Photo courtesy of J. Geiger Shading Technology.

Truly Custom Creations

James’ desire is that the entire customer process—from picking shades to learning how to use them—would be less cumbersome. “Windows and shading should fit into our lives, not control it,” he says. “The system should be easy to use and blend in with your home.”

The only limit to the range of sizes J. Geiger can make is the width of the shade fabric. However, when it comes to developing a shade for an especially expansive window, the company’s designers often work around this by creating multiple shades that split with the window frames. “If the window was important enough to make it that size, so is the shade,” James says.


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