If the name Frank Lloyd Wright rings a bell, it must mean that you haven’t been living under a rock. The iconic figure forever altered the way we view and interact with architecture—setting a standard for what designs are truly worth deeming “great”. Now, three of these great designs are on the market.



Photo courtesy of CURBED

Norman Lykes House (1967), Phoenix, Arizona

Ringing in at $3.25M, this funky desert design is a unique display of Frank Lloyd Wright’s talents. As if that’s not enough, the home sits among the hills of Phoenix—granting it breathtaking views of the ruggedly beautiful desert landscape. Did we mention that it was also his final home design? “A series of concentric circles set on a desert plateau, the home, which looks like a set of intricate clock gears from above, shows Wright’s mastery of organic design that references the landscape,” writes Patrick Sisson in a CURBED article. Wright’s apprentice, John Rattenbury oversaw the completion of the project following Wright’s passing in 1959.


Photo courtesy of CURBED

Frieda and Henry J. Neils House (1951), Minneapolis, Minnesota

You could be the third owner of this Frank Llyod Wright masterpiece—if you have $3.4M.

According to CURBED, “Known as the Frieda and Henry J. Neils House, the 2,511-square-foot residence just came on the market last month and stands out among Wright designs for its use of materials. For example, it uses aluminum window framing instead of wood and is also the first Wright project to use marble walls. Of course, the requisite wood, stone, and glass are still present, as are built-in furniture and storage.”


Photo courtesy of CURBED

Sol Friedman House (1948), Pleasantville, New York

Comparatively, this stunning home is a steal at only $1.5M. As if its pedigree and the idyllic wooded setting isn’t enough, according to CURBED, “An interior highlight is the circular great room, which has a stone fireplace and a library mezzanine above. A spiral wooden staircase leads upstairs to the bedrooms.” We also shared this house here.


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