Congratulations, you’ve found your dream Midcentury Modern home! Now that the dust of house hunting has settled and papers are being signed it’s finally time for the big event—no, not moving in—the home inspection. This series will take a look at some of the questions you won’t want to forget to ask as well as the ins-and-outs of navigating a home inspection well.

The easy route to hiring a home inspector is to do a simple web search for the nearest home inspection company. The right route takes a little more research. While the company that pops up in your digital search may be perfectly great, your investment it is worth time spent doing a little digging to ensure you partner with the right home inspector.

Tip #1: Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Is there a home inspector they know and trust? Anyone they would suggest avoiding? If your real estate agent specializes in Midcentury Modern homes they may know of a local home inspector with the same proclivity.

Tip #2: Ask Your Neighbors

You’re planning to move onto the street anyways, so why not get to know your neighbors? Ask what home inspector they may have used and what trouble spots they’ve run into over the years. That way, you’ll have potentially helpful insight into your soon-to-be home.

Tip #3: Don’t Hire Based on Price

No matter if their prices are listed as the cheapest or the most expensive, price doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of your home inspector. Look into their accreditations, reviews and don’t be afraid to schedule a call to ask some preliminary questions.

Moral of the story here: do your research. The home inspection is a crucial part of your home buying experience and you’ll be all the better off for partnering with a qualified and trustworthy home inspector.