The word “budget” packs a punch, especially when it comes to a home renovation budget. Do you know how to plan for your big project? We’ve rounded up the top tips from renovation experts—giving you insight on realistic planning and cost-saving decisions.


Renovation and budget planning
Photo courtesy of Dianne Williams & Associates

Budget Basics: What to consider before crunching numbers, hiring the contractor or buying tile.

  • Secure your goals early. Be clear with your must-haves, your dream items and your overall vision.
  • Remember: Changes aren’t free.
  • Location changes costs. What an online search yields may not be an accurate reflection of the work’s cost in your area.
  • Start as early as possible with your contractor.
  • Don’t forget about consequential purchases (i.e. a fence may be required around your pool).
  • Planned phases can make your dream house come true.
  • Budget for what isn’t pretty. Electrical fixes, plumbing upgrades, earthquake retrofitting, drywall and roof repairs aren’t fun, but they risk the pretty finishes when not taken care of properly.
  • Do your homework. Congrats! By reading this today you’re already on your way!


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