We all remember what first drew us to our love of Midcentury Modern design. Maybe it was a family member’s unique dining set or fond memories of a childhood home. Perhaps you stumbled upon an irresistible flea market find that has become a passion. For Sean Mitchell, it was a copy of Arts & Architecture and a strong sense of curiosity.

Sean's home (center) is shown alongside traditional ranch homes located on the same block.
Courtesy of D Magazine

In “The Story of How Midcentury Modern Came to Farmers Branch” Sean shares his journey of digging up the history of Midcentury Modern design in his childhood hometown.

The article flows through his own family’s history with buying a midcentury house and the role it has played in their lives. Then he digs into the why behind his neighborhood’s slightly puzzling existence.

From Sean:

One could conclude that we take our physical environment for granted, without much examination of how neighborhoods were developed and why our homes look the way they do. What does a house say about the people who live in it and the culture that produced it?

Grab your coffee and settle in for a fascinating read! Click here to read “The Story of How Midcentury Modern Came to Farmers Branch.