the avalon hotel beverly hills
For a Beverly Hills hotel, elegance is important and creating an oasis in a busy city is equally desired. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.

Located near the famed 90210, The Avalon is one of the most well known hotels in the Los Angeles area, and it definitely lives up to its name. The former hideaway for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Lucille Ball, combines its Old Hollywood roots with its popular ’50s style. Kelly Wearstler, the hotel’s designer, says that The Avalon “is the quintessential midcentury project, as the 1949 building itself served as inspiration for creating an authentic midcentury California revival within.”

The Avalon Beverly Hills pool
When you step into the pool area, you immediately feel like you’ve taken a vacation to the 1950s. The patterned brick walls and cabanas create the perfect setting for a casual day at the pool. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.
the avalon beverly hills
This shaded spot by the pool ignores the rules and brings the indoors out. Enjoy the weather without sacrificing comfort. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.
The Avalon Beverly Hills Viviane Restaurant
The Avalon’s restaurant, Viviane, has a perfect view of the pool with all the benefits of air conditioning. If you’re not looking to leave the hotel too much, this is the perfect place to grab a delicious bite to eat before taking a dip in the pool. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.

The Design

When styling the hotel, Wearstler says that the most challenging part was “creating a setting both adventurous and elegant.” For a Beverly Hills hotel, elegance is important and creating an oasis in a busy city is equally desired. The Avalon uses a very specific color palette and patterns to give the hotel a very classy vibe. The hotel works with a lot of white shades, along with pastel blues and greens. While many retro hotels will experiment with bright vibrant colors, The Avalon provides a clean and simple environment with very light hues. Another key element of the design, is the furniture. The Avalon is adorned with authentic MCM furniture throughout the rooms, and even in the restaurant. Any Midcentury fan could walk into The Avalon and be greeted by their favorite pieces, which makes the hotel feel more like home for its guests.

The Avalon Beverly Hills Olympic Room
Everything in this room embodies ’50s style. Rather than splashing the room with vibrant colors, Kelly Wearstler used calming blues and greens to create a clean and relaxing space. What truly makes this room is the unique checkered coffee table. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.
the avalon beverly hills beverly room
The white and gray color palette in this room allows for the perfect resting place. Wearstler used these colors to create a very calm environment. By incorporating only one pattern, the room is much more relaxing. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.

Although this style works well in the walls of The Avalon, replicating this design at home can certainly be accomplished. Wearstler emphasizes the importance of quality. As many Midcentury collectors and admirers know, authenticity is the key to getting this style right. “I am a strong believer that form and function can always seamlessly coexist,” says Wearstler. Whether it be the material or the silhouette, focus on the elements that speak to you. Choose furnishings and décor that allow for functionality, but that also emphasize your personal style. Although a room of just vintage pieces is stunning, you can always mix contemporary finds with your Midcentury ones. Lastly, Wearstler suggests to “select pieces because they resonate with you, not because they are ‘expected.'”

the avalon beverly hills penthouse living room
Give yourself a little bit more room and enjoy a mini residence in The Avalon. All of the furnishings in this room resemble a very upscale ’50s living space. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.
Avalon Beverly Hills Canon room
Order in from your favorite Beverly Hills restaurant and enjoy your dinner at this chic table. The marble countertops are the perfect pattern to match the sleek green chairs. Photo courtesy of The Avalon.

The Experience

You could spend years living in Los Angeles and never go to every destination the city has to offer. Whether you’re in town on business, or enjoying a trip to the state where summer never ends, the Beverly Hills area always has something going on. The Avalon is just a block away from Beverly Drive’s restaurants and shopping. Although you can always relax by the pool, try opting for the beach that’s only minutes away. If you’re looking to get away from the tourists, there are plenty of trendy coffee shops and vintage shops galore down Melrose Avenue. Whatever you’re looking to get from LA, The Avalon is the place to stay.

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